15 May 2021

Muslim Welfare House Leicester
176 Welford Road, Leicester, LE2 6BD, UK

"Say: Indeed, my prayer, my rites of sacrifice, my living and my dying are for Allah , Lord of the worlds" (Quran, C6, V162)

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Mosque History


On 1988 a small number of postgraduate Muslim students bought the residential house at 176 Welford Road, Leicester LE2 6BD as an Investment Centre dedicated for Islamic Da'wah. The Centre was then presented to Muslim Welfare House, a Charity based in London who has been looking after the maintenance and functions of the Centre. Now the daily administration involves two charity organisations; namely, Muslim Welfare House Leicester MWHL and Leicester Community Assist LCA.

Because of its position adjacent to the universities, colleges and Royal Infirmary, the Centre has been a focal point for the Islamic Da'wah in Leicester particularly among the native and foreign students. Since its establishment, it has been used for religious functions including: Taraweeh prayers and Iftar during the month of Ramadhan, educational circles for both men and women, non-Muslim meetings for introducing Islam as well as various social programmes.



During the annual meeting of MWHL two years ago it became clear that there was a need for a Sunni Masjid to be established in Welford Road area and as a result of this the newly elected Committee had decided to have a Masjid with full blown services including: Daily five-times prayers, Friday Jumu'ah prayer and speech (Khutbah), Eid  speeches and prayers, Quran recitation (Tilawah) circles, Lesson from a hadeeth, publication of monthly prayer timetables and other services in addition to the original services and functions mentioned earlier above.

Al-Hamd-uli-Llah, since then we have been gathering momentum and our main theme is to revive and propagate the Prophet's Sunnah based on the prophetic authentic hadiths. at the moment, we have Friday and Sunday circles for men and Tuesday and Thursday circles for Women.



The Centre has two floors; the Masjid is on the ground floor where the main prayer hall is situated. It accommodates about 70-80 persons. Occasionally we use a curtain installed on the rear third of the prayer hall to accommodate women in addition to the men during some Eid prayers. The upper floor has two bathrooms and toilets as well as three residential rooms rented, on discounted rates, to full-time students. The rents collected makes the Masjid income to maintain the building, pay the bills and spend on various functions and services of the Masjid.

We are now processing a plan for extension. Insha'aLlah, downstairs, the prayer hall will be extended backwards to the garden to accommodate about 250 men and a new set of toilets and bathrooms and Wudhu (ablution) areas will be built. Upstairs, there will be, insha'aLlah, a function and dining hall and a prayer hall for women as well as ladies toilets. The residential rooms will be refurbished and modernised insha'aLlah.

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